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Michelle Trachtenberg – Valencia DKE

Letra Valencia DKE – Michelle Trachtenberg

vdke once again, with a hit song, you know what i mean,
michelle baby, this is song is for you.
Because i wanna be famous
i wanna be a rockstar too
(i’m crazy for you, i’m crazy for the money too)
i like the papparazzi and flashes when i’m walking
(i’ll be the scene, the cover Of a magazine)

But, i don’t know who you are
Hey! are you really a star?

i’ll try to be a star until i’ll break your heart

Boy… are you insane? you have no shame!

just let me show my love on the darkside of my bed
what tha fu….

But what can i do to be with you? to make u mine and be famous too?

(hey you selfcenter boy… sit and listen baby)
My life is so glamorous, my style is really fabolous
i’m amorous (2x) so who are you??
you can watch me on warner channel but my fame can’t be stolen
and yes, i’m talking to you… dirty little boy.

Hey! i know who you are (2x)
you are the star
you are the top of my heart
i’m saying that i want you
i’m saying that i need you
i promess when i’m rich i’ll buy shitloads of gifts for you.

my love!
there’s something i wanna tell you: i want you, i need you


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