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Let Ur Panties Fly Over Me – Valencia DKE

Letra Valencia DKE – Let Ur Panties Fly Over Me

Let ur panties fly over me

Coro: Hey girl c’mon let’s get this party started
with valencia dke and panties flying over me
everybody’s drunk and wanna have sex with me
baby c’mon c’mon
let ur panties fly over me.

And everybody is paying and watching me
sex or money are the same to me
wait your turn and let me breathe
cuz i’ll kiss that girl next to me.

You can dance with me (but i can bite)
can refuse me (but is not my style)
can you sleep with me? if u find me hot
but you can’t wait for this.

Sex me so good, cuz i’m the king of this mothafukin neighborhood
i’m a robin hood, i’m a get u hot
everything to got you in the mood bitch!

Taste me baby and i’ll be ur neighbor
do me a favor and be my savior
excuse-moi for my behavior
but tell me more about i’m ur favorite flavor.

Bebe un poco más baby, bebe un poco más (sin parar).


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