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Kit Kat – Valencia DKE

Letra Valencia DKE – Kit Kat

Coro: No puedo dejar de pensar en ti
Y quiero que tú te fijes en mí
solo pido a dios que me deje vivir
La vida al lado de ti.

In every place that i go
My World spin around for u
In every step that i make
I wish that you would take place
How’s posible to be in love with a person?
With all my wishes
I’m entirely devotedto give u affection
I would love for u to pay me attention
Listen to your friends girl
They’re talking to you
To make the right direction
They think i’m cute
I would love to give the World to you
My life would mean with u boo
I swear i would saty true. So true so true you

(Yeah, i would bring down the stars
I would recpect who u are
I would bring down the sky
Make u feel that u can fly
Make love to you till you mesmerize
I’m telling u that you’re in for a suprise
I’m a make u fall in love with me
Just take this chance and get to know me.)
Hey girl, if there exists a possibility
To take u out to dinner, baby I aint no sinner.
My heart is calling out to you, ive always wanted you by my side.
I whisper the words I love you, we just gotta try

Bridge: Tenerte junto a mi es mi mas grande deseo
Y quiero hacerte feliz
Para poder sobrevivir, yo indudablemente creo
Que deseas estar junto a mi
(yo necesito estar contigo
Soñar contigo
Y estar junto a ti)

Hey! Ohh!
You’re falling down from the sky
Angel never say goodbye
You’re the bright of my life when i see u smile
You stop the time, you stop my time
Angel… never say goodbye.


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