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Happy Bday Sweetheart – Valencia DKE

Letra Valencia DKE – Happy Bday Sweetheart

Coro: Baby you don’t want me around u
You don’t feel the way that i do
Just remember, we in this love together
I wanted to say forever, but you turned around said never.

You wanted me to be, the one man that eventually
Would make you’re dreams a prophecy
Would make u girl come for free
But you just didn’ understand, that i loved grabbin u the hand
It made me feel like a man, but now on the other hand
Didn’t want be compromised, i saw u the other day walking by.
And you fakely just disguised, that u were with another guy.
But maybe it’s over and i know for show,
That u would impress me dressing like a whore
Made me realize that u werent alright
Now i hope you’re happy, and take care alright?

Pues no me importa ya lo que puedas pensar
Y sin nada que ocultar lo que diré te dolerá
No fuiste más que un mal capitulo que el tiempo borrara
Tú no vales más para mi no vale más
Por lo que me hiciste pensar
Por lo que me hiciste pasar
Tú, tú… la pagaras

Yo te di mi amor y mi corazón pero tú me diste una decepción
Yo te di mi amor y mi corazón yo solo te pedía una relación

You didn’t know me (what)
You didn’t know me (what)
You didn’t know me (what)
Never ever know me.


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