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My So Called Deepest Fall – The Band Geek Mafia

Letra The Band Geek Mafia – My So Called Deepest Fall

Do you want to make me understand the
feelings in the morning
in my head be sure you’re wrong, just like
a tourist so far, far away from home
Do you want to be a part of the game,
so f**k you I wont go, say good bye this time
Same old story , same old lie

Every single moment in my life
I’m so bored ‘cause of all these lies
I can’t see and breathe no more
A generation growing up in a cage, with bounded
hands they,
Stand still and live in rage!

No matter what I’m gonna do
It’ll be my so called deepest fall
Whatever they expect me to do
It would be my so called, my way out!

The way they stand parade, the way they lie
This is my so called deepest fall
They leave us to our fate, a new loved hate
This is my so called… My way out!


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