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Who Want Some – Sypha

Letra Sypha – Who Want Some

This battle is classified like the fuc*** news paper/ beat me in freein niggah u lucky i dont rape u- hate u na its merely a grudge i make mah 50 cal do the talkin and expose ur nubs- u need a hug -i knew you was soft – like crackers in chicken broth- the only time you got to the doctor is to turn your head and cough- niggah im nice but you gay like little richard / im gonna squash u in this battle ask cameron pritchett
you a fuc*** midget in this rap game cuz ur flowz is short- i put a pencil to your brain and erase your thoughts- i hold the court – like kobe brynts rape case- i aint embaress you yet /so why the sad face
Man its over when i start rappin- i spit u think i was sean paul the way peeps start clappin -what happened in this battle – i thought u got big words and verbs- niggah u look like big bird- im a magician like makivalli- ill makes holes appear in ur pelle pelle…. mu fucka


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