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Did You Ever – Sizzla

Letra Sizzla – Did You Ever

Who, Mi nuh like how dem a treat di ghetto youth dem inno
Chuh! Woi woi, woi woi woi woi woi
Chuh! (Ghetto youths dem a bawl, long eyewater a fall)

Tell mi if yuh ever walk di streets of the ghetto dem before
Fi see who is unsafe from secure
The lifestyle of my people they fail to recognise
Do you know what it takes for ghetto people to survive
Did you ever walk through August Town at all
Fi hear the comments of the people whey a bawl
Wonder what it takes for you to realise
How Riverton city ghetto youths dem survive

Verse 1:
Dats why we a king from wi dey home inna Africa
Once wi a trod through Rome wi a warrior
Whey wi fi get all now it nuh deliver
Our share unno tek an a dis wi after
When yuh money start rise yuh keep yuh secret secure
When it start fall yuh mek it known to the poor
Soon you’ll be coming back for more
All when yuh cup full a wi yuh ignore

Verse 2:
Then yuh commenting all the while about the places we live
Degrade wi lifestyle when yuh make it what it is
Have reaping violence in many cities
Now I dream to stronghold in many village
Now who will protect those who truly want peace
How can we keep the peace when there is no peace to keep
This time I take no defeat Oh Lord, I’m inclined to stand on my feet.

Verse 3:
Well then Mr. Rich, come offa di poor man’s feet
How is it the strong want to downpress the weak
Without those who clean the sanitary and sweep the street
Yuh cities would be mucky, yuh nuh see it
Who you, promise the city flation below
Yet it increase everywhere dat we go
Is this the way that yuh love a show
Hurting others and yuh hold on so.

Repeat from top


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