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B & I Ferry – Shane MacGowan The Popes

Letra Shane MacGowan The Popes – B & I Ferry

With a wack-fiddle-day
paddy gonna go on a holiday
leavin' on a b & i ferry
ain't gonna be no sorrow
cos i'm leavin tomorrow
I was alone in the wilderness
i was alone
Gonna rub-a-dub-dub
in a pub in the dub
bored outta my skin by mannix flynn
mannix flynn should be the new high king
Jar! gimme jar! jar! mighty mighty jar!
gimme jar! jar! mighty mighty jar!
And when jar comes, gonna drink more rum
drink a gin listening to mannix flynn
you've not seen nothing like the mighty flynn
gonna take a trip
down to north west tipp
and drink my last penny, with noel kenny!
ans scruffy and mick and jimmy and brick
Tommy kane and rhody boland and where's joe dolan
get drunk to f*** in the kiwi bar
that was run by a man, joe corcoran
like gerry lynch, he's drunk in the bar!
Jar! gimme jar! mighty mighty jar!
And the faithful departed
fell in the church and farted
and father philip's queer
and father emmett's full of beer
saying: "take her away from my eyes
the gartless the rock on which we shall all perish!"
Ans the wild winds blowin'
and the poitin's flowin'
and i awake with a scream
it was all a dream
i'm still in babylon
in the county hell
and there's semtex burnin'
Jar! gimme jar! mighty mighty jar!
gimme jar, jar jar mighty mighty jar!
jar in a dublin


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