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Dead Winter Dead – Savatage

Letra Savatage – Dead Winter Dead

Feel the rush, feel the rush in the back of your head
\”Breathe it in, breathe it in,\” isn’t that what they said
As you stood in the night ‘neath the glow of the fires?
Watch it burn, watch it burn, watch it reach through the night
Feel the heat, feel the heat as you bask in its light
As the puppets hang upon their wires

I’ve lost my way, kneel down and pray
It all decays, it takes me down, down, down
Like the minister said, like the minister said
Where this all has led, dead winter dead

Can you hear what I hear in the back of your mind
As you stand on the stage when they tell you it’s time
To read words from a past you can’t remember?
Gotta keep what you have, tell me what is it for
If it made sense my friend well then not anymore
Every dream I’m told has its December



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