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It’s On Again – Olivia

Letra Olivia – It’s On Again

[Verse 1:]
The places brings back memories
as I walk by quiet streams
The caress of a wind blowing over me
brings a chill to my skin
Whispers that go through the trees
And a hush comes over me
No way to fight the rush
Can’t escape how we touch

As the cherry blossoms slowy start
to reminisce the love we made
I can feel you in my arms
Gotta run to you

I keep having these visions of you
Breaking me off like a lover should do
Remember the love in the pouring rain
Then it’s on again
Video plays all over my body
I hope sex is all over your mind
The catches may change but the secret’s the same and it’s onagain

[Verse 2:]
The secret place you touched me there
are so unforgetable
ain’t no way I can ease all the visions of you
Our love’s so unbelievable
You touched me softly, deeply like a woman needs
All I want, all I breathe even though I am…


[Verse 3:]
Walking through quiet places
brings back memories of the love we shared
(remember that time by the waterfall)
Lost in those faded pictures (faded pictures)
Sexy whispers, and then I know it’s on again.
I know it’s on again…


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