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Bizounce – Olivia

Letra Olivia – Bizounce

(Verse 1: Rap)
Fuck conversation, I’m throwin him a lever
Leavin the crib with a Dear John letter
I’m takin what I need, nigga fuck all ya cheddah
Fuck all ya jewelry and fuck all ya cars
You ballin while I’m wishin on stars
Won’t have me wildin while you puffin on dro’s
Have me in the crib, all panties and bras
While you in the Benzo messin wit broads
Have ya’ll face in another bitch twat
Go ahead playa boy that’s how you get shot (I’ma get yo ass)
And I ain’t even like that silly nigga
But I’m hurt and I’m filled up with liquor
Ponderin on if you really feel her
Only a man could make a girl a killer
And wit a nine like this my nigga don’t sleep
I’ma creep up on your behind my nigga

(Chorus: repeat 2X)
I’m about to bizounce
I can’t take this shit no more
Picture frame broken daddy
‘cause I can’t trust you
I’m ridin high now
So nigga fuck you

(Verse 2)
Drivin in yo Benzo
Shinned up Lorenzo
Ashtray filled wit Indo
Toss it out the window
Bein fast as the ash blow
Leavin a nigga, fuck ya cash flow
I got my own account
And it holds a nice amount
I’ma come back for my clothes
And come back for my Roles
You can keep them other hoes
Nigga that’s how the game goes
And if ya didn’t know
Better ask somebody baby
Shoulda treated me like your lady
Nigga I gotta bizounce


(Verse 3)
Fuck the conversation
I’m throwin you a letter
Keep them platinum credit cards
Keep all of your cheddar
That shit don’t mean nuttin to me (No nuttin to me no nuttin to me)
‘cause I’m tired of you stressin me (Tired of you stressin me)
The scent of perfume on ya clothes (In ya clothes)
Messin wit them silly hoes (Silly hoes)
Got me feelin miserable (I’m miserable)
Peddlin up wit Hen and Coke (It’s on…)
Sleepin wit the enemy (…bitch)
Boy you don’t wanna fuck wit me (Don’t wanna fuck wit me)


(Verse 4)
I ain’t never comin back no more
I know you heard that shit before
I don’t never wanna see your face
Fake ass bitches do I make my case
Shoulda known what ya missed at home
Now you roll along wit no one to bone
You ain’t never gonna eat poon poon
Not from me no no

Chorus 4x


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