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The Lesson – Gang Starr ft BDown y Dj 1 2

Letra Gang Starr ft BDown y Dj 1 2 – The Lesson

You said you learned your lesson but you did it again
You’re hanging out all night with your so-called friends
You’re trying to find a way to hide the truth
But you’re not fooling me, I know the scoop
Your mother: she’s crying, your dad’s upset, and
You keep denying; you don’t know yet
That the things that you do affect them, too
And you’re much too selfish, you know that is true
You’re impressing your friends cause you thought it was cool
You robbed an old lady in the back of the school
To be down with the rest, you want it so much
But someone killed the lady, now you’re in a clutch
Situation, explanation, too much making the (?)
While your mother, your father staring to the (?)
Because the one that they dreamed would go so far
Is in cuff in the back of the police car

(Scratched sample: …Get it! Get it! Get it! Get it!…)

Learn a lesson!
Get the lesson!

Told you that a job is what you need
Cause you’ve got a baby with a mouth to feed
Live some of this while I’m breaking the teeth
Yo, some have to follow, while others must leave

So learn the lesson!
Get the lesson!

(?) the car in the sexy dress
You gave your exhibition with the most finesse
Always down for the guys who flash you cash
Don’t you know lady? You’re living so fast
See, you put all the dudes in the driver seat
And then you wonder why they say ‘Danger (?)’
First a guy’s sweet, later on you’re the queen
What’s up with you? What’s up baby?

Hey, learn a lesson!
Get the lesson!

Dicky was a doctor set for life
He even had a lawyer for his wife
But the fool liked the way the stuff made him feel
He enjoyed the high but he wasn’t for real
He told his wife and kid and his lovely home
He could never leave the white brother alone
He lost a lot of money because of abuse
His wife tried to help him but it was no use
So she got scared, planned to move away
He pulled the knife and told that she must stay
She grabbed the kid and ran to a friend’s next door
And he went back in town to get high some more
He kept blowing dough ‘till there was none left
His life was the high that he thought was def
Now he has to go in for therapy
Now he has no wife and no baby
You see, the mother took the kid to carry on alone
Without any father, no man, no home
Yeah, they do okay, but one thing is true
His son is crying out ‘Daddy, where are you?’

Get the lesson!
Learn a lesson!

Get the lesson!
Take the lesson!

Now those were the (?), you can make your thought
Depending on the kind of person that you are
Stop blaming your problems on everyone else
And deal with the person inside of yourself
Though things might often happen to make you say ‘Why?’
Walk and strive with your head to the sky
People of the world must learn to respect
The other different people who won’t stay their reject
They reject others without losing their cause
Out of ignorance, they don’t even pause
To think, hah! But I believe it’s time
That’s why I wrote this words down, in my rhymes

Keep this lesson!
Learn a lesson!

Get the lesson
Get your, get the lesson!
Get your, get the lesson!

So did you get the lesson?


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