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To Whom It May Concern – Duran Duran

Letra Duran Duran – To Whom It May Concern

Dear mr. bones, i’ve (we’ve) had enough
You can try to pull us down
With your pin-stipe weasel stuff
But word travels in this town
I wouldn’t write home about you
We’re better off without you
Without you mr. bones

Some people feed on other people’s troubles
Some people beat on other people’s meat
Some people want to bleed us dry
And some people…Gonna down on your feet

You said “boy’s i’ll get you more
But you have got to pay me by the hour”
Anyways you are just another bore
Who believes he’s a superpower
When you talk about loyalty
I just hope you realize
Since you ate my royalties
Mr. Bones this is goodbye
This is goodbye and such hereinafter shall be refereed
Notwithstanding or foregoing statements preferred
Don’t claim you understand
When you’ve not heard a single word, a dicky bird



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