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Get Yourself Lost – Diana Anaid

Letra Diana Anaid – Get Yourself Lost

You played me like a puppet
Pretend I don’t have any time to waste
You said you’d keep me from the sharks
But you kept me for a private feast
You said you don’t believe in one night stands
So you f*** me over whenever you can
You told me to follow a formula for success
But I don’t want to be the same as everyone else is
So I’ll do it on my own
I’m shaking you off
I’m sick of having you in my face so
Get yourself lost
Thanks for wasting my time and energy
Thankyou so much, it couldn’t have been me
Thanks for wasting my breath and creativity
I think you’ve wasted
more than enough of me
You said you’d never do wrong
by me or take me for a ride
You said with then sincerity of a well practiced lie
I told you that I would do the very best that I can
Well at least one of us kept to the original plan
You managed alright to stress me out
To fill my head with shit and serious doubt
I think that I’m really doing alright
So get your ass out of my spotlight


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