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Fill Me Up – Diana Anaid

Letra Diana Anaid – Fill Me Up

Would you like a cup of coffee
do you take sugar, do you like really strong or diluted by my laughter
Would you like a little bikkie to dip in until it goes all soggy at the ends
or am I suffiently sloppy, come on sit yourself here by me again
I’ll be so happy in your company
We can talk about the weather or whatever
makes you comfortable enough to stay around
we can talk about politics or the irregularity of sound
We can talk about football or some other mindless bullshit chat
I’ll tell you how I sucked my thumb
and you’ll probably really laugh at that
But anyway I’ll really enjoy talking to you – I really do
Can I get something, would you like some toast
maybe we could share a little piece of it between us both
We could have it in the shower
but we’d have to take our clothes off
Maybe our thoughts could be the bubbles
and my hands could be the cup
And you will fill me up
You already do


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