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Freestyle – Chuck Charles

Letra Chuck Charles – Freestyle

I am a figure of your imagination
my momma always said go get an education
you know something she was right
should've kept my ass outta the spotlight
Step back muthafucka into the darkness
cut your insides out, leave ya heartless
chuck is my name and i'm 1% epileptic
when seizure time comes, i can't resist it
Chainsaws,knives,machetes,and gun
need a murder weapon?i got tons
i'll give you a weapon for any amount
need one for revenge, i'll give you a discount
Step back into suicide,just think about it
suicide is dumb,ain't gonna solve shit
know when to listen know when to learn
i already gave it up,now it's your fucken turn
Dead visions of something gone wrong
i'll give you 5 bucks to drink the blood in that bong
you dummies thinkin i'm lying eh?
well your bitch ass is wrong okay?
Step back into reality and realize
you want hot dogs well i want fries
canada kicks ass, iraq doesn't
u.s. is on the list between 3 and 1 dozen
Wait a minute are you gonna step back
you say damn, shit, and that is whack
fucked up dreams including a fuc*** up life
bla-bla-bla your life is kife
Step up bitch who's next in line
i'ma beat yo ass so bad, it'll look like a crime
i'm just a white boy in need of attention
fuck you saddam, you're in need of a pension
In high school,you ballers wanted me to freestyle
you guys wouldn't quit,you bugged me for a while
until i just gave up and spat a rhyme or two
you were all up in my face,so i just dissed you
Oh whatcha gonna do,ya gonna beat my ass
fuck you guys,i'ma let this shit surpass
ya gonna mess wit me,step to my crew
be like eminem,flip the bird,and say f*** you
Lyrics are generic,yours written by some guy
he writes them just so he can get by
i give people a reason to understand my words
if you don't like them,well here's two birds
Now if you ain't listenin,that's your fault
i hope you get your ass kicked by an adult
i'm swearing too much,maybe i should stop
i don't think so,you can smoke a pot crop
Crackheads,sluts,hoes,and bitches
i see bums ending up in ditches
knock off products,more money you spend
do you really want to spend cash on shit,all depends
Freestyle lyrics is what this is about
don't like,go ahead and pout
you fuc*** eminem wannabe,fucker
know who has more charisma than you…chris tucker
The name's chuck c., so happy to meet ya
ah not really,i'm just lookin to beat ya
you muthafucka don't run away i'll kill you
i'll do the same fuc*** thing your dad did to you
Who cares anymore, i don't really wanna
argue with you anymore,i don't wanna hear it
ah f*** it,it's my freestyle lyrics(i'm out)


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