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Once Upon a Time in Shaolin (Excerpt) – Cher

Letra Cher – Once Upon a Time in Shaolin (Excerpt)

Unearthed by [Zack O’Malley Greenburg]

I saw niggas cough up blood when they hiccup
Hole in their stomach comin’ back from a stick up
If you don’t make it you can keep your half of the bread
I’m not playin’ with you bruh, you halfway dead
If it was me, you’d probably say the same shit
Crack the drugs probably wouldn’t get a rag to cover my shit
I’m just bein’ honest Lord
It’s $400,000 for the four of us
What’s up with ya’lls
Damn Tone leave em alone
Shut the f*** up be quiet before I go in your bag
Then I’m gonna come up
You know how I do I get busy
If you can get through this near death shit I throw ‘em the extra 50

Wu-Tang baby
They rock the world


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