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All That I Have Left – Ash

Letra Ash – All That I Have Left

Your playful smile
In naked photographs
Your filthy lies
That always made me laugh

I was a fool to let you go
So what did I expect?
This is all that I
Have left

Those drunken fights
Injured in shards of glass
My stubborn stance
Could never let things pass

So many words I now regret
So much for self-respect
This is all that I
Have left

Sifting through these memories
Searching blindly for the key
To unlock the mystery
The reason why you had to leave
This enigma that remains
Through the laughter, through the pain
Is this all?
Is this all?

Unwanted books
Junk letters in your name
Your lingering ghost
A haunting sense of shame

A hoard of unrealised dreams
To which we’ll never get
All the pretty songs
That I could not forget
Oh, this is all that I
Have left


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